Land Records

On Q Solutions provides many services for land records

     Scanning of bound, laminated and mechanical books

     Indexing volume/book, page and document #

     Create custom exports for Fidlar, TriMin, IMS/21, Laserfiche, GCS and Papervision

     Military Discharges (invert negative images to positive)

     Corporation Books

     Convert photostat images to single or dual polarity images

     Back indexing of legal description and grantor and grantee

     Tract Book Scanning and indexing (create color scans, 2 page spreads and index by CSM#, S-T-R or subdivision/plat and block)

Our Color Tract Solution provides a hosted solution for tract books. This provides 24/7 access to tract books. Grantee and Grantor, survey, tie sheets and other land records documents can be added to this solution.

Click to view the solutions we have created for counties in Wisconsin.